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The TEKIM hot stamping press for leather is an indispensable part of the equipment needed in every production of shoes and leather goods (bags, wallets, belts, leather jackets, etc.).


  • PLUG-and-PLAY | The press needs only to be plugged in and is ready to go
  • Compact and easy to move
  • Easy and fast exchange of stamps
  • A high degree of stamping precision
  • Ability to use 3D stamps
  • Ability to save created programs for future use
  • Mobile table with plenty of storage space for stencils and stamps


The stamping press is placed centrally on the table whose dimensions are 1.300x800mm with an adjustable table height of 760-820mm. The table has four drawers and sixteen compartments, and two buttons for starting the work cycle located on the top of the table top.

The stamping table has dimensions of 500x400mm and 4 fixed bolts and 4 optional bolts are positioned on it, which serve for better, more accurate, and precise positioning of the leather. The maximum stamping area is 250x120mm.

 The stamping press uses an electric drive 230V AC with a maximum consumption of 1.600W. It is controlled by modern technology or the FATEK touch screen. The menu is in Croatian, German, English and Slovenian, and there is a possibility of online service.

 The press uses a threaded spindle for pressure. This allows precise adjustment of the stamp pressure from 1kg to 1.200kg. The press also has the ability to select the speed of lowering the stamp using the number of revolutions.

 The press has a heating system that heats the stamp from 20 to 200° C during the operation of the press. It is also the highest possible temperature that the press can reach. The aim of heating the stamp is that the stamp leaves its imprint, i.e. a pattern on the leather, i.e. the material and the surface on which it is imprinted. The heating range can be adjusted by one degree.